From Infrastructure to Applications

Startale Labs develops web3 core infrastructure and decentralised applications

Advanced Architecture, Development Tools & Support

The global team of exceptional developers, cryptography experts, researchers, and solution architects affiliated with Startale Labs provides optimal solutions and support to get projects off the ground. Leveraging a broad range of experience in infrastructure and application support, we offer a wide array of services.

  • Collaborative Research

    We work with companies to implement and develop core web3 functionalities.

  • Advisory Services

    We support optimal corporate decision-making with our cutting-edge knowledge.

  • Core web3 developments

    We provide comprehensive support from layer 1 blockchain development to application creation.


for Web3;

Startale Labs builds decentralized applications and infrastructure using next-generation blockchain technology. Built on infrastructure designed with security, scalability, governance, and interoperability in mind, Startale Labs solutions allow your project to grow strategically and adapt to the rapid pace of technology evolution, and ever-changing market demands. Regardless of integration with Astar Network, our experienced team designs and delivers custom solutions based on the requirements.